Azure Interview Questions

Q1.What are the main functions of the Azure Cloud Service?

📌It is designed to host the running application and at the same time manage the background running application.

📌The application of web processing is termed as “web role” whereas the background processing is termed as the “worker role”.

Q2.What do you mean by roles?

Roles in cloud management are often termed to be nothing servers that are linked to managing and balancing the platform as service machine that collaborates works to attain the goal.

Q3.What are the different types of roles?

📌 *Web Role* that is used to deploy website by making use of language which is supported by the IIS platform customized to run the web application.

What is DevOps? Introduction to DevOps 8

📌 *VM Role* is used to schedule the window services and task. It is done by the user through customization of the machine on which the worker’s role is running.

📌 *Worker Role* is to execute the process that runs in the background by deploying the website

What Is Amazon Ec2 Service?

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) is a web service that provides resizable (scalable) computing capacity in the cloud. You can use Amazon EC2 to launch as many virtual servers you need. In Amazon EC2 you can configure security and networking as well as manage storage.Amazon EC2 service also helps in obtaining and configuring capacity using minimal friction.

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What Are The Features Of The Amazon Ec2 Service?

📍Virtual computing environment.

📍Pre-configured templates for your instances.

📍Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) is a complete package that you need for your server (including the operating system and additional software)

📍Amazon EC2 provides various configurations of CPU, memory, storage and networking capacity for your instances

📍Secure login information for your instances using key pairs (AWS stores the public key and you can store the private key in a secure place)

📍A firewall that enables you to specify the protocols, ports, and source IP ranges that can reach your instances using security groups.

📍Static IP addresses for dynamic cloud computing (known as Elastic IP address)