Migrating AWS Server

Migrating AWS Server

To migrate an AWS server/instance from one account to another, follow the link below for help:

To explore pricing options for EC2 On-Demand instances, follow the link below:

Step 1: Go to the URL and click the Sign In button on the top right.

Step 2: LOG IN TO THE TARGET AWS ACCOUNT. This is the account that you want to transfer the instance to. Head over to the Support tab on the top right and click Support Center. On the Support Center page, you will see your Account Number on the top left. Copy this number down.

Getting started with amazon-ec2

Step 3: LOG IN TO THE SOURCE AWS ACCOUNT using the credentials provided in Section 1.5 of the Developer Manual. This is the account that currently hosts the server you want to transfer.

Step 4: Expand the Services tab at the top left and select the link for EC2.

Step 5: Click the link for Running Instances.

Step 6: Click the Actions tab, go to Image, and click Create Image.

Step 7: Give the Image a name, and specify a storage amount (size) for the replicated instance. See the pricing link above for more information on selecting the right storage.

Step 8: A success message will appear after you click Create Image.

AWS Lambda triggered by S3

Step 9: Navigate to the AMI link in the left menu bar and you should see your newly created image appear as Available.

Step 10: To share this AMI with the Target AWS account, check the box for the AMI. Then go to Actions on the top and click Modify Image Permissions.

Step 11: Enter the Account number of the target AWS account you copied down in Step 2.

Step 12: LOG BACK IN TO THE TARGET AWS ACCOUNT. Go to the Services tab at the top, then select EC2, and then click AMI from the left menu bar. Filter the AMI by Private Images and the shared instance should pop up.

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Step 13: Select the instance by checking the box and then click the Launch button. Select a storage tier for the new instance. If asked about a key pair, proceed without creating or using a key pair.

Step 14: You should receive a success message.

Step 15: Navigate back to the EC2 page and under Running Instances (Steps 4-5), you should see the newly replicated instance. You can now log in to the VM using the new Public IPV4 address listed under the instance and the Username/Password from the old VM that is in Section 1.5 of the Developer Manual.


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