Understanding AWS concepts

What is Cloud ?

To understand AWS we need to know what is a cloud. We see cloud icons everywhere, we see them on desktop or phone and hear terms like iCloud or Dropbox or hear my data is stored in the cloud. Cloud in oversimplified concept is just a computer that is somewhere else. These computer storage or processing power is utilized by us.

We are utilizing this computer that is somewhere else using an internet connection. These are not just one single computer, in reality, they are ‘n’ number of server computers like a data center. So when we say we are storing files in the cloud, these files are stored on server computers.

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What is AWS ?

AWS ([Amazon Web Service ) is a cloud service provider, which is also known as IaaS

( Infrastructure as a Service ). When talking about cloud provider we think it as Storage, Computing Power or Database. But Amazon Web Service offers more than these like, Networking, Analytics, Developer Tools, Virtualization and Security.

Why AWS ?

Consider you are storing pictures, videos or some personal files on your home computer and then you send it to the cloud. You have your phone and work computer or a laptop, now if you want to access these files you can use the cloud where you stored the files to access these files. So cloud helps to share files across multiple devices, we can access files anywhere we go.

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High Availability – High availability means we can access the files stores anywhere across any device as long as it has an internet connection. So, this makes the files highly available.

Fault-Tolerant – When you store files on your home hard drive and hard drive crashes or fails and the files are gone. But if the file is in cloud server it is backed up on multiple services and if the file becomes corrupt or the cloud server that is currently hosting the file fails there will always be another copy of the file.

Scalability & Elasticity- Consider a company in 2019 needs 1000 server for handling its current customers and in coming year customer count will increase so in 2020 the company will require 10,000 server computers. AWS will automatically increase the server computers this is called scalability. Now as per trend study the company predicts by 2024 the customer count will decrease. Now AWS takes care of it and will decommission the unused servers and the company will no longer be charged for it and this is called Elasticity. AWS provides the ability to quickly grow and shrink as per demand.

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What is VPC?

VPC is Virtual Private Cloud is a cloud computing service provided by AWS (Amazon Web Services) that allows the end-user to launch their private resources like EC2, RDS (Relational Database Service) in an isolated private section of the cloud.

What is EC2?

EC2 is Elastic Computer Cloud, one of the services provided by AWS. EC2 can be thought of like a virtual server computer with CPU, OS, Hard Drive, Network Card, Firewall, RAM. EC2 server is referred to as EC2 instance. EC2 is one of the most important features of AWS. Amazon’s EC2 provides scalable computing.

What is RDS?

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Amazon RDS (Relational Database Service) is a database server platform provided by AWS. Amazon RDS makes it easier to set-up, scale and operate a relational database system in the cloud. It provides multiple database engines like MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server with several instances.

What is S3?

Amazon S3(simple storage service) is a large storage bucket with unlimited capacity. S3 is a perfect place to store movies, documents, files, and applications. Amazon S3 is durable, scalable, secure, and highly cost-efficient. Dropbox is a service that is being currently operated on S3 bucket when we operate with dropbox we are working with S3 with a nice user interface.

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There are many services provided by AWS these are just the most often used terminology that is just a high-level introduction.


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