jQuery For Beginners

JQuery is one of the most popular JavaScript libraries in the world. Created in 2006 by John Resig, it is a fast, concise, and simpler method to traverse HTML, add animations and handle events. Similarly, it makes it easier to interact Ajax for faster web development. By using jQuery, you write fewer lines of codes you would otherwise have to write in pure JavaScript. Therefore, it simplifies many processes and helps web developers save a lot of their precious time. It is also a lightweight library having only 19kb of size. Finally, it has cross-browser support and works with all the modern browsers including Safari 3.0 +, Firefox 2.0 +, IE 6.0 +, Opera 9.0 +, Safari 3.0 +, and Google Chrome.

C for Beginners

In the first lesson of this course, we will study how to use jQuery for web development.