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If you have a MAC running OS X or perhaps a Linux Operating System there are a couple of options you have available for installing and running Visual C#. The Visual Studio for Mac is not standardized and will not directly follow the C# tutorials in your textbook.

My recommendation is to install Oracle’s Virtualbox. Virtualbox can be acquired from

  1. You will want the VirtualBox binary AND the VirtualBox extension Pack as shown in the green arrows below. If you are running a Mac, you should download VirtualBox for OS X hosts.

  1. You will next need to install the Virtual Box on your system. Below are screenshots from installing VirtualBox on my Window’s machine. Mac may be a bit different by not significantly.
  2. Once you have downloaded VirtualBox find it in your Downloads directory.
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  1. Double click on it or execute it with the method of your choice. The following screen (or a similar one) should appear.

  1. You should be able to just click next and allow the install to take place with the default settings.

  1. Click Next again and the following screen will appear. Leave the selections as is.

  1. The network interfaces will need to be set up which will temporarily take your network offline. This is fine and you may click Yes.

  1. You may complete the installation as shown below. Click on the Install button.

  1. The system may prompt you to answer if you wish to install the drivers or not. You may click Yes, to this question.
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  1. Once you get the picture below, you have installed VirtualBox and may click on the Finish button.

  1. Next, you will want to download and install the extension pack. If you didn’t already download, go back to the Virtual Box website and download the Extension Pack.


  1. The oracle extension pack should have saved into your downloads folder.

  1. You will first receive an alert similar to the one below when installing the extension pack. As long as you downloaded it from, you are safe to click the Install button.

  1. Scroll down on the license agreement to allow the I Agree button to become enabled. Of course you should read the Agreement carefully .
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  1. After agreeing, the VirtualBox Extension pack will install and you will get a box similar to the one below.

  1. You have now installed Virtual Box and the Virtual Box extension pack. Continue to part II.

Part II

  1. In Part II, you will need to download and install windows inside of VirtualBox. You will all receive accounts on Microsoft Imagine. The CIS department subscribes to this service which allows you to download a whole bunch of Microsoft Software. You will each get an account, but it may take a week or so to complete. In order to ensure everyone has access to the necessary software, I downloaded a version of Windows 10 from the Microsoft Imagine website and will give you a key for it’s use. It is highly recommended that when you receive an e-mail indicating that you can login to Microsoft Imagine, you download and install your own version.
  2. The link to Microsoft Imagine is: YOU MUST USE THIS LINK or type Clarion Dreamspark in Google’s search engine. At this point, if you have not received a confirmation to your Clarion e-mail indicating you are enrolled in the program, you may skip to Step 4 below.
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Once your receive an e-mail to your Clarion e-mail address, you will use your clarion e-mail to login to the system.

  1. Begin by clicking on the Sign In button on the Microsoft Imagine webpage. Type in your Clarion E-mail address. The password has NOT BEEN SET, so you will need to click on the forgot password link as shown below. This will send an e-mail to your school e-mail address with instructions on how to reset your password.

  1. If Virtual Box isn’t cur3rently open on your system, go ahead and open it. Click on the New button when VirtualBox is running.

  1. Provide a name for your Windows 10 installation. Named my Windows 10 (shocking, I know). You may then cvlick next.

  1. Allocate a reasonable amount of memory. I allocated 4 gigabytes of memory to my system. Click Next.

  1. The next window will be used to set up a Virtual Hard drive as shown below. The default is to Create a virtual hard disk now. This should be selected. Click on the Create button.

  1. Choose Virtual Disk Image (VDI) in the next window as shown below.

  1. Select a Dynamically Allocated hard drive.

  1. Set the maximum size of your Virtual Harddrive. I set mine to 500 gigabytes as shown below.

  1. Once complete you will see an image like the one below inside of your Virtual Box.
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  1. You have NOT yet installed Windows 10, but rather set up the virtual machine for installation. At this point, make certain you know where your Windows10.iso file is located. Click on the green Start Arrow to launch your Virtual Machine.
  2. You will be prompted to specify the location of your Windows10.iso file in the window shown below. Click on the folder Icon in the window below.

  1. Navigate to your Downloads folder and select the Winows10.iso. Click Open.

  1. Then click on the Start button as shown below.


  1. Virtual Box will install Windows 10. Follow the on screen instructions for installing windows 10.
  2. You will be prompted for a Key. You may use the following key: KGNWP-YDCR9-QFH23-R3XVM-X4R9G
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  1. Accept the License agreement and click Next.

  1. Select a Custom Install.

  1. Create a new Partition by click on the New button. Don’t worry, this is only creating the partition on the Virtual Disk, not on your actual computer, so nothing on your ACTUAL system will be modified.

  1. Leave the default size of the partition that you are creating and click Apply. It will alert you that need to create new partitions in order for the system to function properly, but will then create them for you.

  1. You may now click Next and Windows will begin installing as shown below.

  1. The installation will take some time to complete. Please be patient.
  2. Windows is now installed on your VirtualBox. You need to only click the Start button to launch Virtual Box and run windows.
  3. You should now install Visual Studio from INSIDE of Virtual Box. You should be set for the remainder of the semester.
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