Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud Interview Questions

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1)Explain what is DevOps?

It is a newly emerging term in IT field, which is nothing but a practice that emphasizes the collaboration and communication of both software developers and other information-technology (IT) professionals. It focuses on delivering software product faster and lowering the failure rate of releases.

2) Mention what are the key aspects or principle behind DevOps?

The key aspects or principle behind DevOps is


Infrastructure as code

Continuous deployment




  1. What are the core operations of DevOps with application development and with infrastructure?

The core operations of DevOps with

Application development

Code building

Code coverage

Unit testing

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With infrastructure





4) Explain how “Infrastructure of code” is processed or executed in AWS?


The code for infrastructure will be in simple JSON format This JSON code will be organized into files called templates

This templates can be deployed on AWS and then managed as stacks

Later the CloudFormation service will do the Creating, deleting, updating, etc. operation in the stack

5) Explain which scripting language is most important for a DevOps engineer?

A simpler scripting language will be better for a DevOps engineer. Python seems to be very popular.


6) Explain how DevOps is helpful to developers?

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DevOps can be helpful to developers to fix the bug and implement new features quickly. It also helps for clearer communication between the team members.

7) List out some popular tools for DevOps?


Some of the popular tools for DevOps are




ELK (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana)







8) Mention at what instance have you used the SSH?

I have used SSH to log into a remote machine and work on the command line. Beside this, I have also used it to tunnel into the system in order to facilitate secure encrypted communications between two untrusted hosts over an insecure network.

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9) Explain how would you handle revision (version) control?

My approach to handle revision control would be to post the code on SourceForge or GitHub so everyone can view it. Also, I will post the checklist from the last revision to make sure that any unsolved issues are resolved.

10) Mention what are the types of Http requests?

The types of Http requests are










11) Explain what would you check If a Linux-build-server suddenly starts getting slow?

If a Linux-build-server suddenly starts getting slow, you will check for following three things

Application Level troubleshooting

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RAM related issues, Disk I/O read write issues, Disk Space related Issues, etc.


System Level troubleshooting

Check for Application log file OR application server log file, system performance issues, Web Server Log – check HTTP, tomcat log, etc. or check jboss, weblogic logs to see if the application server response/receive time is the issues for slowness, Memory Leak of any application Dependent Services troubleshooting

Antivirus related issues, Firewall related issues, Network issues, SMTP server response time issues, etc.

12) Whether your video card can run Unity how would you know?

When you use command




it will give detailed output about Unity’s requirements and if they are met, then your video card can run unity.

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13) Explain how to enable startup sound in Ubuntu?

To enable startup sound

Click control gear and then click on Startup Applications

In the Startup Application Preferences window, click Add to add an entry Then fill the information in comment box like Name, Command and Comment

/usr/bin/canberra-gtk-play—id= “desktop-login”—description= “play login sound” 1

/usr/bin/canberra-gtk-play—id= “desktop-login”—description= “play login sound” Logout and then login once you are done

You can also open it with shortcut key Ctrl+Alt+T.

14) What is the quicker way to open an Ubuntu terminal in a particular directory?

To open Ubuntu terminal in a particular directory you can use custom keyboard short cut.

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To do that, in the command field of a new custom keyboard , type genome – terminal – – working – directory = /path/to/dir.

15) Explain how you can get the current color of the current screen on the Ubuntu desktop?

You can open the background image in The Gimp (image editor) and then use the dropper tool to select the color on the specific point. It gives you the RGB value of the color at that point.


16) Explain how you create launchers on desktop in Ubuntu?

To create launchers on desktop in Ubuntu you can use

ALT+F2 then type “ gnome-desktop-item-edit –create-new~/desktop “, it will launch the old GUI dialog and create a launcher on your desktop

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17) Explain what is Memcached?

Memcached is a free and open source, high-performance, distributed memory object caching system. The primary objective of Memcached is to enhance the response time for data that can otherwise be recovered or constructed from some other source or database. It is used to avoid the need to operate SQL data base or another source repetitively to fetch data for concurrent request.

Memcached can be used for

  • Social Networking -> Profile Caching
  • Content Aggregation -> HTML/ Page Caching
  • Ad targeting -> Cookie/profile tracking
  • Relationship -> Session caching
  • E-commerce -> Session and HTML caching
  • Location-based services -> Data-base query scaling
  • Gaming and entertainment -> Session caching
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Memcache helps in

  • Speed up application processes
  • It determines what to store and what not to
  • Reduce the number of retrieval requests to the database
  • Cuts down the I/O ( Input/Output) access (hard disk)

Drawback of Memcached is

  • It is not a persistent data store
  • Not a database
  • It is not an application specific
  • It cannot cache large object

18) Mention some important features of Memcached?

Important features of Memcached includes


  • CAS Tokens: A CAS token is attached to any object retrieved from cache. You can use that token to save your updated object.
  • Callbacks: It simplifies the code
  • getDelayed: It reduces the delay time of your script which is waiting for results to come back from server
  • Binary protocol: You can use binary protocol instead of ASCII with the newer client
  • Igbinary: Previously, client always used to do serialization of the value with complex data, but with Memcached you can use igbinary option.
  1. Explain whether it is possible to share a single instance of a Memcache between multiple projects?
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Yes, it is possible to share a single instance of Memcache between multiple projects. Memcache is a memory store space, and you can run memcache on one or more servers. You can also configure your client to speak to a particular set of instances. So, you can run two different Memcache processes on the same host and yet they are completely independent. Unless, if you have partitioned your data, then it becomes necessary to know from which instance to get the data from or to put into.