Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud Interview Questions

AWS Interview Questions 8

These are some common AWS Solution Architect Interview Questions to be answered by an

AWS Enterprise Solution Architect, without order predefined:

Interview Questions: Business Perspective Recommended Answer
If an organization is facing a major change, what is your This reveals if the candidate for AWS Solution Architect
approach as AWS Solution Architect to suggest to face it? position possesses an open interest in a future customer,
understand their business model, and recognize actual
What steps will you perform to resolve this situation? changes and challenges.
From your point of view, what are the relevant Describe relevant responsibilities, duties, and challenges
responsibilities of an AWS Solution Architect? for an AWS Solution Architect.
Refer to above job description.
How do you normally take AWS architecture Describe your procedures and methodology for
requirements to design? establishing relationships and how to understand business
requirements from customer.
What are key considerations/guidelines when you’re going Demonstrate with some examples, how you make
to make some AWS Architecture recommendations? decisions and recommendations about AWS Architecture
How do you approach a pre-sales engagement as AWS It makes interviewers understand how the candidate
Solution Architect? How do you establish a relationship creates a relationship and collaborate with other AWS
with AWS salespeople? Please describe… work teams.
What challenges are you looking for the position as an Discover and explain what is the candidate/job purpose
AWS Solution Architect? and objective into the company on this role.
How do you share (describe) your ideas and knowledge This will reveal if the candidate has excellent
about AWS services/products to customers or other people communication and presentation skills and really enjoy
of your team? Please describe… sharing his/her expertise and knowledge as an advocate.
Could you please show us?
Could you please describe a situation, where you Understand if the candidate has had communication and
interacted with CxOs people or other business leaders? relationship with C-level people, and how has managed
those relationships.
Please describe a successful project that reflects your Discover practical experience based at project executed
design/ implementation/ consulting experience about before around AWS Solution Architecture.
AWS Solution Architecture?
What enterprise architecture and management frameworks Reveal the knowledge of candidate about enterprise
do you know? And how you have used them? architecture, business architecture, architecture, and
management frameworks. Also, reveals how the candidate
has used them based on the experience.
Please describe a problem or issue during your career as Understand how the candidate handles issues and
an AWS Solution Architect? How did you handle them? problems.
What have you done to improve your AWS knowledge Discover if the candidate has invested into his/her
within last year? personal and professional growth by himself/herself.
What are most important characteristics of an AWS Cloud Understand if the candidate uses the AWS
solution that you need to take into account when you well-Architected framework and has a holistic view of a
design it? business solution.
Please describe or tell us about a special contribution you Explain clearly what contributions you did in the past,
have made to your last employer? which was his contribution to the success of the previous
company and satisfaction of its customers. Share some
past experiences.
Who are you? Please tell us about yourself? Describe your principal values and characteristics as a


AWS Interview Questions 3

human being. Explain why you’re the best candidate for

that job position and what differentiates you from others.

Table #1 Typical general AWS Solution Architect Interview Questions

Normally, the above questions are complemented with specific AWS technical questions that evaluate if the candidate has required qualifications from the AWS services and technology perspective like following:

Interview Questions: Technical Perspective Recommended Answer
What is Cloud Computing? Explain the meaning of cloud computing, talk about
What are their principal characteristics and benefits? characteristics as flexibility, elasticity, pay on demand.
Describe each different cloud models as IaaS, PaaS, and
SaaS. Reflect on the benefits and myths of the cloud.
What is AWS? Highlight AWS leadership in the cloud. Describe briefly
some of the AWS services with which you feel at ease, for
example, EC2, RDS, DynamoDB, Cloudformation etc…
Note that AWS has comprehensive security capabilities
that support virtually any cloud workload.
What is the AWS free tier? Explain how the AWS Free Tier is designed to enable you
What is included in it? to get hands-on experience with AWS cloud services; and
what AWS services are freely available for 12 months
following your AWS sign-up date, as well as additional
service offers that do not automatically expire at the end
of your 12-month AWS Free Tier term.
What is an EC2 instance? How to protect and reuse it? Explain that EC2 is a web service that provides resizable
computing capacity in the cloud. Describe how to create
an AMI, taking EC2 snapshot to backup, and reuse EC2
What kind of instances does AWS offer? Describe all EC2 instance types. Each EC2 instance type
comprises varying combinations of CPU, memory,
storage, and networking capacity giving you the flexibility
to choose the appropriate mix of resources for your
applications. For more information refersto
How to increase the availability of your applications? Describe AWS load balancing solutions. Remember that
How to avoid bottlenecks in the performance of your services like Elastic Load Balancing automatically
applications? distributes incoming application traffic across multiple
Amazon EC2 instances in the cloud. It enables you to
achieve greater levels of fault tolerance in your
applications, seamlessly providing the required amount of
load balancing capacity required to distribute application
Describe ELB services, the difference between application
and classic load balancing service.
How to enable an automatic scaling solution according to Explain about Auto scaling features of AWS. Remember
the user demand? that Auto Scaling allows you to scale your Amazon EC2
capacity up or down automatically according to conditions
you define, and it is particularly well suited for
applications that experience hourly, daily, or weekly
variability in usage.
Describe how to create a launch configuration, an
auto-scaling group including common limits and how to
monitor it using Cloudwatch and how to establish
automatic alerts and actions.
How to create your own resources into the AWS Cloud? Describe Amazon VPC service. Notice that Amazon
Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC) lets you provision a
logically isolated section of the AWS Cloud, where you
can launch AWS resources in a virtual network that you
define. You have complete control over your virtual
networking environment, including the selection of your
own IP address range, the creation of subnets, and the
configuration of route tables and network gateways.
Highlight VPC security settings using security groups and
ACLs for subnets.
How cloud you implement a DNS service in AWS? How Explain services like Amazon Route 53, a highly available
could you register a new domain name? How could you and scalable Domain Name System (DNS) web service.
implement a low-latency, fault-tolerant architectures You can use Amazon Route 53 to configure DNS health
managing Web application traffic? checks to route traffic to healthy endpoints or to
independently monitor the health of your application and
its endpoints. Amazon Route 53 makes it possible for you
to manage traffic globally through a variety of routing
types, including Latency Based Routing, Geo DNS, and
Weighted Round Robin—all of which can be combined
with DNS Failover to enable a variety of low-latency,

What are storage options provided by AWS?

How could you protect your data at rest?

fault-tolerant architectures. Don’t forget that Amazon

Route 53 also offers Domain Name Registration – you can

purchase and manage domain names such as

and Amazon Route 53 will automatically configure DNS

settings for your domains.

How to implement a private connection to AWS Services? AWS offers a service called AWS Direct Connect that lets

you establish a dedicated network connection between

your network and one of the AWS Direct Connect

locations. This dedicated connection can be partitioned

into multiple virtual interfaces as a VLAN. This allows

you to use the same connection to access public resources

using public IP address space, and private resources using

private IP space while maintaining network separation

between the public and private environments.

Describe advantages and disadvantages of using private
network connections.
What do you know about the Shared Responsibility Model Because you’re building systems on top of the AWS
established with AWS? platform, the security responsibilities will be shared.
While AWS manages the security of the cloud, security in
Could you please explain more about what is the the cloud is the responsibility of the customer. Customers
responsibility of a customer? retain control of the security they choose to implement to
protect their own content, platform, applications, systems,
and networks, no differently than they would have for the
applications in an on-site datacenter.

How to control the access to your resources located at There is a service called AWS Identity and Access

AWS? Management (IAM) that enables you to securely control access to AWS services and resources for your users.

Using IAM, you can create and manage AWS users and groups and use permissions to allow and deny their access to AWS resources.

For protecting your data, there is AWS Key Management

Service (KMS), it is a managed service that helps make it

easy for you to create and control the encryption keys used

to encrypt your data.

Describe in detail all the storage options provided by AWS like EBS, S3, Glacier etc. Remember that AWS offers many different storage services, including Amazon S3, Amazon EBS, Amazon EFS, and Amazon Glacier.

Amazon S3 is an object storage service, Amazon EBS is a
block storage service, Amazon EFS is a file storage
service, and Amazon Glacier is a long-term archive
storage service.
Refer depending on scenario what is the best storage
What is the AWS Storage Gateway? The AWS Storage Gateway is a service connecting an
on-premises software appliance with cloud-based storage,
to provide seamless and secure integration between an
organization’s on-premises IT environment and AWS
storage infrastructure.
Notice when to use it, and how to use it for recovery or
backup storage option.
How to deliver content faster? Describe in detail the service like Amazon CloudFront
which is a content delivery web service. It integrates with
other AWS services to give developers and businesses an
easy way to distribute content to end users with low
latency, high data transfer speeds, and no minimum usage
What are the managed database services provided by Answer with the Amazon Relational Database Service
AWS? (Amazon RDS). It is a web service that makes it easy to
set up, operate, and scale a relational database in the
What kind of SQL databases are supported by AWS? cloud. It provides cost-efficient and resizable capacity
while managing time-consuming database management
tasks, allowing you to focus on your applications and
It gives you access to the capabilities of a MySQL, Oracle,
SQL Server, or PostgreSQL database engines running on
your own Amazon RDS cloud-based database instance
with high availability configurations.
What is the difference between SQL and NoSQL Database Explain about RDS options andDynamoDB
in AWS? characteristics, their differences, benefits, and purpose of
each related to AWS service.
Which option exists to accelerate the performance of a Describe how to improve the performance of web
web application? applications by allowing you to retrieve information from
a fast, managed, in-memory system, instead of relying
entirely on slower disk-based databases. AWS offers a
service called Amazon ElastiCache, it can not only
improve load and response time to user actions and
queries but also reduce the cost associated with scaling
web applications.
Which AWS services are offered for business Describe each AWS related service, highlight Amazon
intelligence? Redshift as a fast, fully managed, petabyte-scale data
warehouse solution that makes it simple and cost-effective
to efficiently analyze all your data using your existing
business intelligence tools.
From the end-user analytic point of view, there exists a
service named Amazon QuickSight which is a very fast,
easy-to-use, and cloud-powered business intelligence (BI)
service. It makes it easy for all employees within an
organization to build visualizations, perform ad-hoc
analysis, and quickly get business insights from their data.
Amazon QuickSight integrates automatically with AWS
data services, enables organizations to scale to hundreds
of thousands of users, and delivers fast and responsive
query performance to them via the SPICE engine.
What other AWS services do you use at the application Describe in detail all the application services provided by
level? AWS like SNS, SES, SQS, and Workflow.
Remember that Amazon Simple Email Service (Amazon
SES) is a highly scalable and cost-effective email-sending
service for businesses and developers. On the other hand,
Amazon Simple Notification Service (Amazon SNS) is a
web service that makes it easy to set up, operate, and send
notifications from the cloud. It provides developers with a
highly scalable, flexible, and cost-effective capability to
publish messages from an application and immediately
deliver them to subscribers or other applications. Finally,
Amazon Simple Queue Service offers a reliable, highly
scalable hosted queue for storing messages as they travel
between computers. By using Amazon SQS, developers
can simply move data between distributed application
components performing different tasks, without losing
messages or requiring each component to be always
available. Amazon SQS makes it easy to build an
automated workflow.
Don’t forget that Amazon Simple Workflow Service
(Amazon SWF) is a web service that makes it easy to
components. Amazon SWF enables applications for a
range of use cases, including media processing, web
application back-ends, business process workflows, and
analytics pipelines, to be designed as a coordination of
How will you improve the deployment and management Describe how AWS services as AWS Elastic Beanstalk,
of AWS services? AWS OpsWorks, and Cloudformation contribute to
improving the deployment and management of AWS
As an AWS Solution Architect, how could you implement If you want to enable faster disaster recovery of their
Disaster recovery on AWS? critical IT systems without incurring the infrastructure
expense of a second physical site, you should use AWS
services. Remember, that the AWS platform supports
many popular disaster recovery (DR) architectures, from
“pilot light” environments that are ready to scale up at a
moment’s notice, to “hot standby” environments that
enable rapid failover and enable rapid recovery of your IT
infrastructure and data.