Ansible Interview Questions 2

Q 1 1 ) What  is the difference between the environment  variable name?

Answer: The variable name can be created by adding stings. On the other hand, for the access of environment variable, there is a need to access the existing variables. The variable name uses ipv4 for the available name. For remote environment variables {{ ansible_env.SOME_VARIABLE }} is used.

Q12) What are the things Ansible can do?

Answer: With the Ansible these are  the following things one can do:

Deployment of application

Configuration management

Task automation

IT orchestration

Q13) What language Ansible is written in?

Answer: The Ansible is written in PowerShell and Python programming language.

Ansible Interview Questions and Answers 2

Q14) Can you please explain the meaning of the red hat Ansible?

Answer: The red hat Ansible and Ansible both all the great automation platforms. The end to end complete automation of these platforms makes it capable to provide below-mentioned functionalities:

Application deployment


Management and configuration of IT systems

Orchestrating workflows

Q15) What are the requirements of the Ansible server?

Answer: For the window users, there is a need for the virtual machine in which the Linux should be installed. Otherwise, the Ansible requires Python 2.6 version or the higher one.

Q16) Is it possible to create own modules with Ansible?

Ansible Interview Questions 4

Answer: Yes, the Ansible allows us to create the modules within it. As it is an open-source tool that majorly runs on Python. This means anyone who has little bit knowledge of programming can create their own modules without any problem within Ansible.

Q 1 7 ) What’s the best way to generate cryptopass word module?

Answer: The availability of mkpassword utility in Linux is the best option for generating the crypto

passwords . For the OSX users who dont have this utility installed only generate crypto passwords by using Python.

Q18) Name the different components of Ansible.

Answer: Ansible automation is consist of the following elements:

SELECT, UPDATE, DELETE & Comments code in SQL









Q19) How can we make content redistributable and reusable?

Answer: In Ansible there are three major ways to reuse files in playbooks which include import

and roles.

Q20) Explain the way to access shell environment variables in Ansible.

Answer : For accessing shell environment variables in Ansible users need plugin. There are some codes that you have to write for this. The codes are mentioned below:

þÿ# &

vars :