DevOps Interview Questions

DevOps Interview Questions

General Questions:

  1. Tell me brief about your self

  2. Tell me your day to day activities.

  3. Tell me your roles and responsibilities.

  4. How many servers in your environment

  5. How many of your team size

  6. what is your role means Designation

  7. how along you are working on devops

  8. How much rating you wll give On DevOps, AWS

  9. Which scripting Language you use for automation either shell or python

  10. How much rationg you will give on scripting

  11. Which versions using in your environment

  12. Which ticketing tool you are using in you environment

  13. which versions you are using in devops


  1. what is the difference between git pull and git clone

  2. what is the difference between git pull and git fetch

  3. what is staging area in git.

  4. what is git stash

  5. what is reset in git

  6. What is the difference between HEAD and checkout in git

  7. Have you configured github repository locally

Getting started with amazon-ec2



  1. How to upload the .json file in jenkins

  2. How to send the mail when build is unstable or broken

  3. How to store the jenkins server backup and restore

  4. How to take .xml files backup

  5. How to set the jenkins job build numbers

  6. What we can do with jenkins

  7. Why we are using jenkins

Ans) We can build, autodeploy, test the projects, send the notification….

  1. Do we need to install jenkins in nodes

  2. How you can write and execute the shell script in jenkins

  3. How to manage the nodes, how to manage the users, how we can create perticular project based authentications in jenkins.

  4. How I can integrate the LDAP using jenkins

  5. why we use nodes in jenkins

  6. How to configure windows agents in jenkins

  7. How to reduce the build time in jenkins

  8. I configured one project in jenkins I’m trying to configure anothe project but it’s not getting added how you will trouble shoot.

  9. What are the artifacts in jenkins

  10. What are the artifacts in jenkins

  11. How you will give the customized build numbers in jenkins

  12. How you will send the notifications wether build is fail or success

  13. what is the pipe line project in jenkins

  14. what is the system type of jenkins server like t2 micro t2 medium.

  15. what is the stages of your jenkins project like pipe line project

  16. How will you give authentication permissions to the users in jenkins

  17. I have upgraded from one version to another version in jenkins after upgrading some of my upgraded plugins are not supporting to new version of

What is DevOps? Introduction to DevOps 3

Jenkins then what you will do.

  1. How you will decide no of executors in jenkins

  2. How to reduce build time in pipeline project

  3. How set maven deployment path

  4. How to define no of executors in jenkins


  1. How to increase the root volume size of your ec2 instance.

  2. How to increase the root volume of your ec2 instance without changing instance ip address

  3. How to scale instances timings base using autoscaling

  4. How to configure ELB in AWS

  5. What is sticky session ELB in AWS

  6. How will you configure sticky session

  7. How to upload SSL certificates in ELB

  8. What is cross balancing in ELB

  9. How to delete the one year old files in s3 bucket in AWS

  10. what is Classic ELB

  11. What is Application ELB

  12. What is the difference between classic and Application ELB

  13. How to redirect the https in ELB

  14. How to deploy or copy the application on autoscaling

  15. What life cycle in S3

  16. Have worked on spot instances

  17. What is cloud formation

  18. What is CloudFront

  19. What is public subnet and private subnet in aws

  20. what are the challenges you faced while migrating servers from physical to cloud

  21. What is RDS in aws and how will you launch RDS in instance in AWS and how will you connect it.

  22. Difference between private cloud and public cloud

  23. What is EC2, S3, ELB, Autoscaling, Cloudforamtion, CloudFront.

  24. I want to stop 24 hours mysql database instance how you will stop it.

  25. how to configure ELB health checks

  26. what is the difference between AMI and Snapshot

  27. I want to configure ELB with one instance does it work

  28. which mysql versions are available in RDS

  29. what is VPC in AWS and what is the use of VPC and how will you create public, private subnets and NAT instances and gateways

  30. What are the terminologies available in route53

  31. IAM policies

  32. what is the mechanism of ELB

  33. what is the mechanism of Autoscaling group

  34. How will you provide ec2 instance key to users are you using any protocall for this

AWS Interview Questions 4



  1. How communication happens chef server and workstation

  2. How communication happens chef server and nodes

  3. How communication happens chef client or nodes and workstation

  4. What is the configuration file of chef

  5. Which cookbook you wrote in chef and how will you write could you explain.

  6. How to deploy java applications using chef

  7. I want to update java version suppose from java 1.6 to 1.7 without modifying recipe how will you do that.

  8. How does chef server knows perticular node this is node for me.

  9. How will you take backup of nodes using chef

  10. How will you build chef opscode local server

  11. Is chef having ssl certificates?

Deploying a Database-Driven Web Application in Amazon Web Services


  1. What is the configuration file of puppet.

  2. How communication happens puppet server and agents



  1. Have you worked on ansible

  2. Which Scripting used in Ansible


  1. How you will build the your own docker images

  2. How to find background process in docker containers

  3. what is docker swarm & Compose

  4. Which applications are running in your docker containers

  5. what is entry poind and command in in docker

  6. In docker-compose one of my instance is down then how will you troubleshoot

  7. what is the difference between vm and docker

  8. Is docker image as iso or is there any else

  9. How containers share memory by baremetalbox or some where else

  10. How containers will get volumes

AWS Interview Questions 2


  1. I have 100GB space in my ‘/’ directory I’m trying to create files or directories in ‘/’ directory I’m getting error called you dont have space,

then what could be the reason

Ans) Inode full

  1. Shift A guy created filesystem and mount it to /tmp, shift B guy trying to create files and directories in /tmp, but he is unable to create files or dir’s

then what could be the reason

Ans) May be filesystem is in read only mode

  1. what is the difference between useradd and adduser commands in linux

  2. what is logrotate how will you create logrotate for apache

  3. what is swap

  4. how to check swap space

What is DevOps? Introduction to DevOps 7

free, free -m

  1. Is swap space must need while installing linux os

  2. what is the use of iostat and vmstat commands

  3. what are the columns and rows in vmstat, iostat, top commands

  4. what are the run levels in linux

  5. what is system storage management(ssm)

  6. how to upgrade rhel6 to 7

  7. which versions of packages you installed like nginx, apache, httpd..

  8. what is nginx


  1. What is vagrant file


  1. Which monitoring tool you are using

  2. Have you configured NagiOS.

  3. How to configure nagios services

  4. What are the states of nagios