DevOps Interview Questions

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Q71) I want to delete 10 days older log files. How can I?

-exec rm -f {} \; 2>/dev/null

What is the difference among chef, puppet and ansible?

Chef Puppet Ansible
Interoperabilit Works Only on Works Only on Supports Windows
y Linux/Unix Linux/Unix but server should
be Linux/Unix
Conf. It uses Ruby Puppet DSL YAML (Python)
Availability Primary Server Multi Master Single Active Node
and Backup Architecture

Q72) How you get the Inventory variables defined for the host?

We need to use the following command

Q73) How you will take backup for Jenkins?

Q74) How to deploy docker container to aws?

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Amazon provides the service called Amazon Elastic Container Service; By using this creating and configuring the task definition and services we will launch the applications.

Q75) I want to change the default port number of apache tomcat. How?

Go to the tomcat folder and navigate to the conf folder there you will find a server.xml file. You can change connector port tag as you want.

Q76) In how many ways you can install the Jenkins?

We can install Jenkins in 3 Ways

By downloading Jenkins archive file


By deploying Jenkins.war to the webapps folder in tomcat.

Q77) How you will run Jenkins job from command line?

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We have a Jenkins CLI from there we need to use the curl command


Q78) How you will do tagging in git?

We have following command to create tags in git

Git tag v0.1

Q79) How can you connect a container to a network when it starts?

We need to use a following command

Q80) How you will do code commit and code deploy in cloud?

Create a deployment environment

Get a copy of the sample code

Create your pipeline

Activate your pipeline

Commit a change and update the App.

Q81) How to access variable names in Ansible?

Using hostvars method we can access and add the variables like below

CloudHook Migration


Q82) What is Infrastructure as Code?

Where the Configuration of any servers or tool chain or application stack required for an association can be made into progressively elucidating dimension of code and that can be utilized for provisioning and overseeing foundation components like Virtual Machine, Software, Network Elements, however it varies from contents utilizing any language, where they are a progression of static advances coded, where Version control can be utilized so as to follow condition changes .

Precedent Tools are Ansible, Terraform.

Q83) What are the zones the Version control can acquaint with get proficient DevOps practice?

A clearly fundamental region of Version Control is Source code the executives, Where each engineer code ought to be pushed to a typical storehouse for keeping up assemble and discharge in CI/CD pipelines.

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Another territory can be Version control For Administrators when they use Infrastructure as A Code (IAC) apparatuses and rehearses for keeping up The Environment setup.

Another Area of Version Control framework Can be Artifactory Management Using Repositories like Nexus and DockerHub

Q84) Why Opensource apparatuses support DevOps?

Opensource devices dominatingly utilized by any association which is adjusting (or) embraced DevOps pipelines in light of the fact that devops accompanied an attention on robotization in different parts of association manufacture and discharge and change the executives and furthermore framework the board zones.

So creating or utilizing a solitary apparatus is unthinkable and furthermore everything is fundamentally an experimentation period of advancement and furthermore coordinated chops down the advantage of building up a solitary device , so opensource devices were accessible available practically spares each reason and furthermore gives association a choice to assess

BD & BA – ISfBD Practical AWS

the device dependent on their need.

Q85) What is the distinction among Ansible and chef(or) manikin?

Ansible is Agentless design the board device, where manikin or gourmet expert needs operator should be kept running on the specialist hub and culinary specialist or manikin depends on draw demonstrate, where your cookbook or show for gourmet expert and manikin separately from the ace will be pulled by the operator and ansible uses ssh to convey and it gives information driven guidelines to the hubs should be overseen , progressively like RPC execution, ansible utilizations YAML scripting, though manikin (or) culinary specialist is worked by ruby uses their own DSL .

Lab. Getting Started with Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Q86) What is Jinja2 templating in ansible playbooks and their utilization?

Jinja2 templating is the Python standard for templating , consider it like a sed editorial manager for Ansible , where it very well may be utilized is when there is a requirement for dynamic change of any config record to any application like consider mapping a MySQL application to the IP

at runtime.


The vars inside the supports are supplanted by ansible while running utilizing layout module.

Q87) What is the requirement for sorting out playbooks as the job, is it vital?

Arranging playbooks as jobs , gives greater clarity and reusability to any plays , while consider an errand where MySQL establishment ought to be done after the evacuation of Oracle DB , and another prerequisite is expected to introduce MySQL after java establishment, in the two cases we have to introduce MySQL , yet without jobs need to compose playbooks independently for both use cases , yet utilizing jobs once the MySQL establishment job is made can be used any number of times by summoning utilizing rationale in site.yaml .

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Q88) What is the fundamental disservice of Docker holders?

information inside a compartment, the information inside a compartment is lost perpetually, however tenacious capacity for information inside compartments should be possible utilizing volumes mount to an outer source like host machine and any NFS drivers.

Q89) What are the docker motor and docker form?

Docker motor contacts the docker daemon inside the machine and makes the runtime condition and procedure for any compartment, docker make connects a few holders to shape as a stack utilized in making application stacks like LAMP, WAMP, XAMP

Q90) What are the Different modes does a holder can be run?

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Docker holder can be kept running in two modes

Connected: Where it will be kept running in the forefront of the framework you are running, gives

diverted to stdout screen.

Isolates: This mode is typically kept running underway, where the holder is confined as a foundation procedure and each yield inside a compartment will be diverted log records inside/var/lib/docker/logs/<container-id>/<container-id.json> and which can be seen by docker logs order.