What is DevOps? Introduction to DevOps 9

Q192) What testing is necessary to insure a new service is ready for production?

Continuous testing

Q193) What is Continuous Testing?

It is the process of executing on tests as part of the software delivery pipelines to obtain can immediate for feedback is the business of the risks associated with in the latest build.

Q194) What is Automation Testing?

Automation testing or Test Automation is a process of the automating that manual process to test the application/system under test.

Q195) What are the key elements of continuous testing?

Risk assessments, policy analysis, requirements traceabilities, advanced analysis, test optimisation, and service virtualisations

Q196) What are the Testing types supported by Selenium?

What is DevOps? Introduction to DevOps 1

Regression testing and functional testing

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Q197) What is Puppet?

It is a Configuration Management tool which is used to the automate administration of the tasks.

Q198) How does HTTP work?

The HTTP protocol are works in a client and server model like most other protocols. A web browser using which a request is initiated is called as a client and a web servers software which are the responds to that request is called a server. World Wide Web Consortium of the Internet Engineering Task Force are two importants spokes are the standardization of the HTTP protocol.

Q199) Describe two-factor authentication?

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Two-factors authentication are the security process in which the user to provides two means of the identification from separate categories of credentials.

Q200) What is git add?

adds the file changes to the staging area

Q201) What is git commit?

Commits the changes to the HEAD (staging area)

Q202) What is git push?

Sends the changes to the remote repository

Q203) What is git checkout?

Switch branch or restore working files

Q204) What is git branch?

Creates a branch

Q205) What is git fetch?

Fetch the latest history from the remote server and updates the local repo

Q206) What is git merge?

What is DevOps? Introduction to DevOps 5

Joins two or more branches together

Q207) What is git pull?

Fetch from and integrate with another repository or a local branch (git fetch + git merge)

Q208) What is git rebase?

Process of moving or combining a sequence of commits to a new base commit

Q209) What is git revert?

To revert a commit that has already been published and made public

Q210 What is git clone?

Ans: clones the git repository and creates a working copy in the local machine

Q211) What is the difference between the Annie Playbook book and the characters?


The characters are a restructured entity of a play. Plays are on playbooks.

What is DevOps? Introduction to DevOps 10

A set of functions to accomplish the specific role. Maps between hosts and roles.

Example: Common, Winners. Example: site.yml, fooservers.yml, webservers.yml.

Q212) How do I see all the ansible_ variables list?

hoc activity:

Ansible -m system hostname

It will print a dictionary of all the facts available for that particular host.

Q213) What is Doctor?

Docax is a container technology that connects your application and all its functions into the form of containers to ensure that you are running uninterrupted in any situation of your use.

Q214) What is the Tagore film?

Tucker is the source of the dagger container. Or in other words, dagger pictures are used to create containers.

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Q215) What is the tooger container?

Dogger Container is a phenomenon of the film.

Q216) Do we consider Dev Devils as a smart way?

Of course, we !! The only difference between dynamic algorithms and DevObs is that the dynamic process is implemented for the development section and activates both DevOps development and functionality.

Q217) What are the benefits of using Git?

Data personality and copy

Get high

only one. A directory directory in the repository

High disk usage and network performance

Joint friendship

Git can use any kind of projects.

Q218) What is kernel?

A kernel, the software that can easily change the hardware interfaces of your computer.

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Q219) What is the difference between grep -i and grep -v?

I accept this value

  1. ls | grep -i docker



ls | grep -v docker





You can not find anything with name docker.tar.gz

Q220) You can define a specific location for the file

This feature is generally used to give the server a replacement location. Let me tell you on the computer below and I want to create 1GB swap space,

dd if = / dev / zero = = / swapfile1 bs = 1G count = 1

Q221) What is the concept of sudo in Linux?

Pseudo is an application for Unix-and Linux-based systems that provide the ability to allow

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Q222) What is Jenkins pipe?

continuous delivery tube in Jenkins.

Q223) How to stop and restart the toxin container?

Stop container: stop container container ID

Reboot the Tucker Container now: Docer Re-container ID

Q224) Which sites are running by Tagore?

Docax is running on Linux and Cloud platforms only:

Ubuntu 12.04 LTS +

Fedora 20+

RHEL 6.5+

CentOS 6+



openSUSE 12.3+

CRUX 3.0+


Amazon EC2

Google Compute Engine

Microsoft Asur


Since support is not supported, do not work on Windows or Mac for token production, yes, even on windows you can use it for testing purposes

Q225) What are the tools used for taxi networking?

DevOps Interview Questions

We usually use karfs and taxi bear to do taxi networking.

Q226) What does Tucker write?

You would like to have a number of taxiers containers, and at that time you need to create a file that creates a docer and type the command to make a taxi-up. It runs all containers mentioned in the docer compose file.

Q227) What is a scrum?

Using scrime based on your complex software and product development task as small particles, it uses reboots and additional procedures. Each replay is two weeks. Scrum has three characters: product owner, scrum master and team

Q228) Purpose for SSH?

SSH is a secure shell that allows users to login to a secure, encrypted mechanism into computers and transmitting files.Exit the remote machine and work on the command line.

What is DevOps? Introduction to DevOps 7

Protect encrypted communications between the two hosts on an unsafe network.

Q229) Are DevOps implemented?

Product development

Creating product feedback and its development

IT Activities Development.

Q230) Do you want to list the active modes of DevOps?

DevOps is a process

Like the active DevOps.

A separate group is configured.

This will solve the problem.

Manufacturers manufacturing production

DevOps is a development-driven output management

Q231) Do you list the main difference between active and DevOffice?


There is something about dynamic software development


DevOps is about software deployment and management.

DevOps does not replace the active or lean. By removing waste, by removing gloves and improving regulations, it allows the production of rapid and continuous products.

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Q232) For the popular scripting language of DevOps?


Q233) How does DevOps help developers?

To correct the defect and immediately make innovative attributes.

This is the accuracy of the coordination between the members of the group.

Q234) What is Vegand and its Uses?

Virtual virtual box has been used as a hyperversion for virtual environments and in the current scenario it supports KVM. Kernel-based virtual machine

Vegant is a tool for creating and managing the environment for making software and experiments. Tutorials Tutorial Free Demo

Q235) What is the main difference between Linux and Unix operating systems?


It belongs to the multitasking, multiuser operating system family.

Comparing Amazon s3 vs. Redshift vs. RDS

These are often used on web servers and workstations.

It was originally derived from AT & T Unix, which was started by the Bell Labs Research Center in the 1970s by Ken Thompson, Dennis Ritchie, and many others.

Operating systems are both open source, but the comparison is relatively similar to Unix Linux.


Linux may be familiar to each programming language.

These personal computers are used.

The Unix operating system is based on the kernel.

Q236) How can we ensure how to prepare a new service for the products launched?

Backup system

Recovery plans

Load balance


Centralized record

Q237) What is the benefit of NoSQL?

Understanding AWS concepts

Independent and schema-less data model

Low latency and high performance

Very scalable

Q238) What is the adoption of Devokos in the profession

  1. Use of active and other developmental processes and methods.
    1. An increased ratio of production output is required from use and business.
  1. Virtual and Cloud Infrastructure Transfers from Internal and Outdoor Providers;
  2. Increased use of data center, automation and configuration management tools;
  3. Focusing on testing automation and serial coordination systems;
  4. Best Practices in Important Problems

Q239) What are the benefits of NoSQL database on RDBMS?


  1. ETL is very low
  2. Support for structured text is provided
  3. Changes in periods are handled
  4. Key Objectives Function.
  5. The ability to measure horizontally
  6. Many data structures are provided.
  7. Vendors may be selected.
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Q240) The first 10 capabilities of a person in the position of DevOp should be.

The best in system administration

Virtualization experience

Good technical skills

Great script

Good development skills

Chef in the automation tool experience

People management

Customer service

Real-time cloud movement