Lesson 1–How to Install Turbo C

C is a high-level programming language. Dennis Ritchie, a computer scientist, developed C language in 1972. In the late seventies, C began to replace famous programming languages of that time like ALGOL, PL/I, etc. It is a structure-oriented and procedural language. It was developed for the Unix operating system but now it is widely used for designing system application software. It is used for system development because the code written in C language runs as fast as one written in assembly. It is simple, reliable and easy to use. C programs are also memory efficient. Hence, where time and space are constraints (like in mobile phones and general consumer products such as microwave, washing machine, etc..), C language is often opted to create operating systems and programs. Many popular gaming frameworks have been developed in C language.

Download C language IDE from https://developerinsider.co/downloading/?download=https://github.com/vineetchoudhary/turbocpp/releases/download/v3.2/Turbo.C.3.2.zip?raw=true&after=https://developerinsider.co/c-and-cpp-insider/