How to delete files older than X days in Linux

Find les older than X days and save ouput into a file

The below Linux command will help you to nd les older than 35 days in a specific directory path and save the ouput in backupfiles.log

Here the directory we are searching is /backup/logs and -mtime speci es the modi ed time of a le. We are saving the list of all the les which are older than 35 days in backupfiles.log

find /backup/logs -type f -mtime +35 -print > backupfiles.log &


Find les older than 7 days and print output on screen

If you want to print les older than 7 days on screen and do not want to save it into a file, use below command

find /backup/logs -type f -mtime +7 -print


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Find les in current directory older than 28 days and remove them

Below linux command will nd all the les under current location (as we have speci ed . dot), search le name starting with arch and ending with log. check file create time with -ctime older than 28 days and then remove those files using rm -f

find . -name arch\*log -ctime +28 -exec rm -f {} \;



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